6 Simple Morning Activities for A Positive Life of a Young Adult

Are you a Young Adult who’s working already? Running your own business? Just Graduated? Or in a hiatus of doing anything, in other words you’re in a break? In our society a definition of a young adult is usually when we arrived at the age of 18 to 30 or sometimes 35. This is the phase where we are in a journey of tests, challenges, work experiences, relationships, achievements and discoveries in the world that will help us find and create ourselves until we settle down. For others they consider settling down as when you get married. In these years we discover what we really want to do in our lives.

But there are times that we swim to worries and negativity and have a sudden self-talk with ourselves like “is this is it? Work? Marry? Have kids? Get old? In this routine forever? I want something new; I want Changes while I’m still young. I don’t know HOW or WHAT it is but I know I want a Positive Change.” If those questions comes in your mind then you’re in the right page, this article won’t answer your questions because you yourself can only find what you are looking for BUT this will guide you in discovering those answers by doing these activities that will lead to a positive life.

These are the very simple morning activities that are sometimes just being neglected because of the busyness of life as a young adult. Neither of these are expensive to do, you only need Discipline.  And since you are a young adult already, discipline doesn’t come from your parents or guardians anymore but yourself. You want change? Do this.

  1. Waking up Early


WHAT? Yeah waking up early, I know that if you’re a young adult waking up early is one of the hard parts of life. People at this certain age ,with such amount of energy, sleeps around 11 pm to 2 am depends on their lifestyle and can only wake an hour before classes or work. Or sometimes wakes up late. If you’re working already the majority of the usual working time starts at 8am or 9am, the best time to wake up is 2 hours ahead of it, like 6 am. But some people wakes up 30 minutes before the time and in that small amount of minutes seems like a countdown where they cram things up doing all the preparation like cooking, eating, bath, ironing clothes & traveling from home to  workplace. Sometimes you end up forgetting things at home that you must bring or you end up in traffic, then you arrived at the office or in your business area deteriorated & unprepared. Then you start complaining how bad and how your morning sucks and just let the negativity flows (guilty? lol me too). Remember, how you start your morning affects your whole performance and way of thinking throughout the whole day. So start it right.

What to do? Discipline yourself by waking up early in the morning, most of the successful people in our society sleep late yet they manage to wake up before the sun rises. Why? Because it makes your day longer and you can achieve more task than you could. So wake up earlier than your usual waking up time. If you usually wakes up at 6 or 7 am. Force yourself to wake up at 4 or 5 am. Set your alarm, if you keep snoozing it, ask somebody in your house or dorm to wake you up. This is so hard yet so easy. Try your best to wake up, stand up, and stretch your hands and feet.  You can do it. If this is hard for you, then let me tell you this, Changing your life is a big collection of small changes in you. And waking up is one of those small changes that are needed in order to get the change that you want. If you can’t do these small tasks you cannot achieve that big goal.

here are some sites to expound benefits of waking up early



2. Meditation / Thankyou Prayer


when you manage to wake up early, speak to God or the universe or to whom or what religion you’re in and say thank you. Simple right? Thank you because you woke up. Not everyone can assure that they can wake up in the next morning. You’ve heard of those stories of those people who suddenly didn’t manage to wake up right? I’m sure you don’t want that. It doesn’t have to be a very long memorized speech of flowery words. What is important is it comes from within you. Close your eyes and speak your mind. Thank you because you slept safe, you woke up safe, you can breath, you have another day to live, another day to learn and experience life. Just say Thank you. The more you are grateful the more you will be blessed. That is proven and tested.

Meditate, meditation doesn’t really mean you have to sit down, cross your legs and copy the position of Buddha or those people who are doing yoga ,but being in that position actually helps. Meditation is seeking Calmness and peace with in you. And the quietness of an early morning is the best time to do it. A Simple meditation is just by sit down in your bed, close your eyes, don’t slouch your back, put your hands on your lap, relax your senses, have a deep breath in, and slowly breath the air out, feel your chest relaxing then do it again. Do it again at least 5 to 10 times that will only take 2 minutes or 3. It’s a good lung exercise and will wake your brain and senses up. Match it with a good meditation music that will bring the mood. You can find a lot of meditation music in YouTube; download it on your phone (this is what I do). After doing it you will feel the energy circulating through your body giving you an energy to start your day.



3. Exercise/ Jogging


After the Meditation, get off your bed, get on with your sports attire, go out to your room or house, go to the nearby park, then do those exercise that our elementary school teachers taught us after the flag raising (lol those good old days).  Stretch your arms, your legs, your hands, your feet, your neck, jump, bend or squat.  Any light exercise as long as it warms your body up. Get your headset on and ready to play your running playlist and when you’re set, go and jog.

Jogging makes our blood and oxygen circulation good, from our heart through our veins. And it is the easiest and cheapest way to be healthy, and when you’re healthy, your brain will function right, and if it functions right you can think right. And when you think right. Your life starts to be the right one for you.  A 10 minutes jogging or 5 minutes jogging with a 5 minutes’ walk can surely make you sweat. And how does it feel? Feels so Good.  End your Jog with a deep inhale and slow exhale at least 3 to 5 times before you head home to make cool you down.



4. Breakfast


After the exercise, you relax for a while before you do your shower .After the shower and putting on clothes. EAT. Yes most of the young people right now don’t value breakfast that much. Why? Because of the  “I’m Late, got to go” mentality. Well, that’s the reason why you woke up early right? For you to have time to do important things in the morning and one of that is having your breakfast. Whether you cook for yourself or you eat outside, it is important to eat in the morning because it is where you get your energy to do your tasks. Don’t go to the office or your business area with an empty stomach. It affects the way you think and you need it to recover from the exercise that you done earlier. Make it a healthy habit.

Here is a link to what are the best foods for breakfast.



5. Be on Time (Using Positive Affirmation)


Once you’re ready to get on the road to your office, your aim is to be on time. It’s not professional or nice at all to be late. You can control yourself in driving but you cannot control some circumstances on the road like traffics or accidents. Use the positive affirmation to be on time. What is it? Instead of saying and thinking “I’m not going to be late” Say “I’ll be on time”. You have to understand that everything that happens around us is an outcome of what we think. If you will think you will be late then you’re right. If you think there’s going to be a heavy traffic in the corner you are also right. What we put in our minds will affect our actions and results. And if we think negatively then the result will be negative too. So relax and affirm positively that you will come on time. Positive Affirmation is setting your mind to something that you want to happen instead of what you fear to happen. It’s the opposite of worrying. And worrying that you will be late is like praying to be late so don’t. If you always do it. You’ll be amaze of how powerful positive affirmation is.




6. Smile & Be Nice


Nothing annoys us more than a very complaisant person in the morning. The negative comments on how their morning sucks and the negative energy that they bring are just draining and demotivating. Don’t be like those people. Be the Fresh air in the morning, someone that people would love to see in the first hour of the day. Let’s say you had a good morning exercise and you arrived at your office on time. Question is do you know the name of the security guard that opens the door for you? do you even have a glimpse of your taxi driver? Or notice the the new haircut of your workmate? Here is a simple thing that you must do, it doesn’t matter if you’re the shy type or you don’t usually do this then this is the time you’ll do it, Smile to people  and Say Good morning.

Smiling is a symbol of a happy person and that is what you want to be. Then be it. Share your Smile and share your good vibes with the people that you first encounter in the morning. Good morning, have a nice day; you look great, say positive things towards the people around you. The Good vibes that you bring will bounce back on you. And within the day or the week something good will happen to you because you share good vibration around you. A gift, good news, money or a promotion. You’ll never know. But one thing is for sure since you gave good vibes. You’ll receive good vibes.



As you noticed these steps are so simple yet is not done by some people. These small things can actually affect our thinking that also affects our lives. As you do these in daily basis your mind will make a  good shift in becoming very positive and your personality will start to change in people’s eyes. Then the changes in your action will bring changes in your life. This positivity will attract greater opportunities for you that gradually bring the change that you are looking for and only you will be the one who will know what that is.  If we want some big Positive changes in our lives. Let’s start on those small things.


Hi I’m Julius Anthony, thank you for reading ,what do you think about it? comment down, I would love to hear from you.

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