How a non photographer captures sceneries

A non photographer who’s in love with photography.

Taking pictures for me is one of the best way to connect our own self and thoughts to the world outside. It’s like connecting a world that we feel to the world that we see.  It’s like a language that we could use to communicate to others whom we couldn’t understand. Fascinating isn’t it?

These are just some of those many photos I took while I travel around anywhere.I’m not a Professional photographer neither consider myself as an amateur, for me I’m just a guy with a camera.

With this hobby of mine I realized one thing, It’s not actually the picture or what is in the picture that fascinates a viewer. It is the emotion that we feel when we look at it. whether it makes us feel happy, gloomy, sad, lusty, hyper, rage etc. as long as there is an emotion, it can bring us to places without having to move our feet.

few more photos.


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