5 Annoying things that we do in public that we’re not aware of

Human as we are we sometimes do things out our senses that we thought are alright but little we know we already annoyed somebody around us. Especially when we are in public, a place where we have to be careful with our actions in order for us and other species to coexist (haha that sounds like a line from a sci-fi movie, anyhow).This list is about annoying things that we do (I just used “we” because I know we do it sometimes too) that we must be aware of so that we can, somehow, avoid or minimize it next time.

  1. Walking or driving slow snail_line_art_cute (are you a snail?)


There’s nothing wrong in taking your time man, enjoying the air enjoying the view like you’re in a music video, just don’t wait until some person behind you shout “YOU DONT OWN THE F*CKING ROAD,ST*PID” (haha). Maybe let’s be considerate about the people behind us. Let’s just walk or drive at the side so the people who are in a hurry can pass through. And then let’s go back in your music video day dream. 😁

  1. Loud conversation or phone calls in public


Whether it’s in the office lounge, coffee shop grocery store, gym, etc. Talking with your friend through phone or in person is totally fine. It’s a free country do whatever you want. But not too loud please, to the point that people around you will hear your family problems, your cheating husband, the name of that co-worker you hate, etc. I usually experience this in grocery stores where 2 random mothers meet each other then starts talking as if there’s no people around. There’s nothing wrong with it. But let’s minimize it.

  1. Singing in public 


After the conversation in public, this one is in a higher level. These are usually wild jigglypuff teenage girls singing while listening through their headphones. Oh no! There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a free country. Go and sing honey, show us that you’re the next Beyoncé………….and when then they sing they sound like jay z….. Honestly there’s nothing wrong with this but not everyone will find it cute though. Let’s just be mindful sometimes for less embarrassment , ok? Beyoncé?

  1. Turning our phones into radios.

Or simply playing loud ass music from our phone. Once again there’s nothing wrong with it. We get it, you love music, we hear you, nice genre, and it’s your jam. But sometimes people will appreciate it more if you just listen to it all by yourself. Maybe go on to an adventure in finding that mythical thing called “headphones”.


  1. Spending too much time in picking what to eat when ordering in fast food chains.


I know we all experienced this one where we are hungry af falling in line to get our orders in the fast food chain and here’s this dude in front of us taking 3 or 5 minutes of decision making whether his burger will be with cheese or without. Or if his fried chicken will be spicy or not. Haha man that’s totally fine, as a customer it’s your right, but maybe let’s also think of those starving people behind us. At least decide what to order before you fall in line.  A one meal order taking transaction usually goes only for 30 seconds maximum of 1 minute and another 1 or 2 minutes for the crew to prepare your order. But taking 3 to 5 minutes in telling what your order? Wow buddy, you’ve got so much time.

I know there’s a lot more annoying things we do in public that are not in this list, I would love it if you tell us what those are. The point of this note is that we live in a society where we have to deal with people, so let’s be less annoying for a harmonious coexistence. (Sounds like another sci-fi movie line haha)

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I’m Julius Anthony. Thank you for reading.


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