How to use Social Media for your Business/Brand: A Customer’s point of view

“We are the INTERNET GENERATION” an overused line that we really can’t argue with. Created in 1980’s (as google said), the internet was released to the public during 1990’s.  The Internet surely helps us in a lot of things like saving data, locating things & places, getting information & as a form of communication. Just like the Boom of websites that connects each and every one to each other, websites that we call “social media networks”. In recent studies, people tend to check their social media accounts in their mobile phones 6 times inside an hour. Social Media is being considered a source of entertainment and news which is the reason why in these days there are lesser people who watches TV or listens to the Radio. And because of that Business Entities that usually only do campaigns & advertisements on TV and Radio are now penetrating the Social media platform as part of their marketing strategy and that’s where the Social Media Marketing was born. Business Brands are now putting advertisements through a normal post that we see in their pages or the newest trend where they put advertisements in Videos that we love to “skip” (haha guilty right here). As a Customer it’s annoying sometimes but it’s part of the business. In the end of the day people has to pay bills.

If you’re a start-up entrepreneur who plans to market your business and brand at social media I will give you some tips how to do it but not in a social network specialist POV but in a Customer’s POV. Since listening to your customers is very important. You ready? Let’s do it.

  1. Create a Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/twitter “Page”.


I’m sure you have your own personal accounts, don’t use that. Customers is interested in your products not your personal life. What if you own a website? Having your own website is great but not everyone is interested to open a new tab to check your website. Having social media pages will make you seem more engaging & customer oriented because it will be easier for us to contact you if we want your service/product or if we have inquiries. These pages are less costly when it comes to money & time in marketing terms, very easy to use and has a great percentage of possibility for your products/services/content to go viral or to be seen by a large number of people. You can also pay these websites to post ads in peoples news feed.

PAGE NAME:  your name in different websites should be the same. If your Ice cream business page name in Facebook is “Freezy delight” then your Instagram and twitter account should be the same.

PAGE PROFILE PICTURE: your profile picture should be your LOGO or a nice picture of your Product. It should be pleasing to the eyes.

PAGE INFORMATION: put as much information as you may, make your address very specific, don’t forget your business phone number and please do reply or answer calls.

BUSINESS MENU: at least post or upload a picture of your products/services is up to you if you want it with price or not but for us customers we rather want it with a price.

POSTING SCHEDULE: have a schedule or a time-slot where you post updates in your page. The likely hours for you to post is in 8 AM TO 9 AM, when we arrive in our offices we do not work immediately, we usually check social media before we start our tasks. 12NN – 1PM since its lunch break, we have time to check our phones. 6 – 10 PM at these times majority of everybody has free time to scroll down in the newsfeed so more people will see your post for sure.


We customers would like to see you post ONE picture at a time. If you’re in INSTAGRAM, Flooding our newsfeed will just annoy us that will make us UNFOLLOW you. If you’re using Facebook. Uploading 1 photo with a short catchy description will do, Or 4 pictures in 1 posting is nice also. But uploading 10 pictures in 1 album is not likely that attractive. Notice when you post more 10 pictures at same time? it will make the 6th photo up to the 10th photo as “SEE MORE” and not everyone has the time to click that “see more” option.

The photo of your product must be at least well edited with pure white background because it will make your product nicer to look at, a nice well arrange background with a good color coordination that will make your product stand out will do too.  But having a messy background is not attractive. And sometimes it will make your product look low quality.

If you post a photo with words in it make sure the color of the letters are slightly different from the background to make it VISIBLE.

I will soon make a Note about “How to take a picture of your product” watch out for it soon.



Using celebrities (TV/MOVIE/SPORTS) is how Marketers play it before. But now! using “social media famous people” is the trend. Well, you don’t really have to contact those very famous youtubers or models in Facebook or Instagram with hundred thousand followers (most of them will not bother to read your messages haha damn that’s harsh). You can start with someone like your friend, a classmate or a neighbor that for whatever reason (maybe they are famous in class, top athletes in their school or they’re just hot af) has thousands of followers. I know you personally know someone who has 3000-5000 friends in Facebook or 1000 – 5000 followers in Instagram. Connect with them. It’s either you give them few free products for them to try and ask them to post it in their social media like they’re endorsers or brand ambassadors. (For sure they will love it, the celebrity feel) Majority of their followers and connections will surely trust your product simply because it is endorsed by their Idol. Maybe have 1 endorser per week. Make sure your endorser matches your product. It will be awkward for us to see a famous male basketball player promoting pink flowery shoulder bag. Unless if it’s for her girlfriend or mother.


Make a well plan promos/contest for your business and brand once in a while maybe once or twice in a month. Having promos always will make it less exciting. Make its mechanics engaging for us. Like we should be part of it and of course with a prize.


Burger business promo/contest mechanics: buy and eat 3 burgers in one minute and get 1 for free. (HAHA I would join that)

Dress business promo/contest mechanics: send us your best photo with our clothes and we will post it in our page. The person that will have the most number of likes will win a gift certificate. (A bit unfair, what if you’re not pretty or famous enough? Hahaha cruel world)

Basketball Shoes promo/contest mechanics: form a group of five and join our basketball league. The requirement in order to join is that all of your group members should have a pair of our shoes (so they have to buy, money! money! money!). The winning team will win CASH. (But you earned a lot already by those shoes you sold so the price is not a problem)

Your Social Media accounts are like Portfolios of your business so better step up your game in managing it.  I’m not the best social media specialist (I’m actually not) but I’m one hell of a “picky customer”. Share to me your business pages so I can review and help you, in the best that I can, to improve it. (No charge 🙂 )

I guess that’s it for now, If you find this note helpful don’t hesitate to like and share.

This is Julius Anthony, Thank you for reading.


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