About me

Hi I’m Julius Anthony

Human Resource Training Specialist by profession. A Writer with passion & purpose

Interested in different topics such us human behavior (my favorite), understanding work environment, personality development, people management, entrepreneurship & marketing trends.

My pleasures in life aside from writing are traveling, whether it’s discovering a new place around the city or out of town,mountain hiking (I’m a nature lover) or any kind of adventure. reading personality development books, trying new kind of food (food lover here), amateur photography or in my own words “me playing with the camera”. Being invited for speaking events or simply having a good talk to people with great  mindset.

“Notes & Weekend Breaks”  is where I put my creativity. Notes are blog-posts in a note form where I write & discuss some topics in our lives that hopefully will add value to the readers. (I’m trying to make it as informative & humorous as I can haha) While Weekend Breaks are my weekend getaways (after a week of work you know) ,in a form of photos, as i visit places Inside & outside my beloved city. pls. like my → FB Page

Feel free to contact me for : Events /Seminar Speaker, Travel & Business Review, Online Counseling (Business Review/Branding/Career & Personal Growth)

Currently writing an Ebook to be released soon

I would love to hear from you, let’s keep in touch in Social Media (Facebook| Instagram | Twitter) Email: juliusanthonyonline@gmail.com                   Content: medium.com/@JuliusAnthony





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